The Fund's Programs

Participating in one Fund program gives you piece of mind. Joining additional programs builds a more comprehensive risk solution. Our goal is the same as yours—keep your students and teachers in the classrooms and keep things running smoothly. No matter your coverage needs, the Fund has a solution.

Auto coverage

School vehicles transporting students, teachers, employees or coaches already carry risks and liability. Fund members also carry the peace of mind that comes with comprehensive auto coverage at a competitive price.

Liability coverage

School districts and other education entities can face unique challenges and complexities when dealing with liability claims. That's why members trust the Fund's legal expertise and leadership in the industry for school liability coverage.

Property coverage

In the face of unpredictable circumstances, one thing Fund members can rely on is comprehensive property coverage to help repair and replace property and equipment, whether that’s permanent and portable buildings or classroom desks and chairs.

Unemployment compensation

Unemployment can present unique challenges and complexities for school districts and other education entities. More than ever, our members need the expert advice and individual attention the Fund provides. That's why members trust the Fund's leadership in unemployment compensation.

Workers' compensation

The Fund helps employees get back to work after injury or incident, including teachers back in their classrooms to deliver quality education to Texas students. With workers' compensation coverage, we're there every step of the way to help your employees get the care they need and get back to work quicker without unnecessary costs.