Boiler Inspection Resources

Whether it is low water, poor maintenance, or failure of controls and safety devices, many things can go wrong if a boiler is left uninspected for long periods. The damage to a property can be extensive and the unexpected costs can create a burden for school districts.

Proper maintenance and inspections can prevent property damage and most importantly, save lives.

Because regular inspections are not only required by state law but also an integral part of proper maintenance for boilers and air tanks, the Fund works with Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) to provide boiler and pressure vessel inspections.

What does this mean for me?

The following services are provided for Fund Property Program members:

  • Request equipment inspections directly from HSB
  • Receive notice of inspections from HSB before certificate expiration
  • Obtain recommendations for repairs or required upgrades during inspections

HSB has several inspectors in Texas that work with members to conduct certificate inspections and follow-up inspections when recommendations have been made.

Boiler inspection request

Request an inspection online, by phone at 800.333.4677, or by email to The HSB Policy number is 4400430. HSB location number and property policy number are not needed. 

Boiler certificates are issued by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Inspection frequency varies by boiler size and use. Learn more about the state’s boiler rules, regulations and general information.

Inspection certificates can be paid online by visiting the TDLR website and logging into your account or creating a new account.

New boiler installation

As of 2016, all new boilers or secondhand boilers (unit that is reinstalled somewhere else at the same location or a different location) must be inspected upon installation. The owner must also submit a Boiler Installation Report to TDLR, which will trigger an invoice for the associated $25 fee.