Member Profile Updates

Easy to renew your coverage

The Fund is making it easier than ever to do business with us.

Each year, members provide the Fund with the information we need to give you the right coverage options. All you need to do is update your Member Profile, which only includes questions pertaining to each individual member.

In short, this profile update process gives members:

  • A customized online profile form, so you’re only asked questions relevant to your participation
  • Members will receive a single Profile Update request for all  programs in which they participate
  • The opportunity to make changes to member profiles at any time
  • Separate profile updates for members who have different contacts for varying programs

More to come

The simplified Member Profile Update will save members time. But there’s more.

The Fund will soon release incremental changes toward a new member portal with more ways for members to manage their coverage and risks.These changes are part of the Fund’s commitment to using technology to help our members eliminate time-consuming, manual activities and duplication.

Less paperwork means more time to focus on innovative solutions to your ever-changing risk management needs!

If you have any questions regarding the Member Profile Update, contact your marketing consultant or call us at 800.482.7276.