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It’s Easier Than Ever to Do Business with the Fund

October 04, 2016 Devereaux Morkunas


myTASB portal screenshotIn late July, the Fund rolled out an updated look for myTASB. An improved homepage that links to Fund resources and relevant news and training is just one step TASB is taking toward providing a superior member experience.

The most exciting new feature of myTASB is the re-imagined renewal process.

In the past, member program contacts received renewal documents as attachments to an email. The paperwork included a letter and a copy of the Contribution and Coverage Summary (CCS) which needed to be printed, signed, scanned, and emailed back to the Fund. The updated process in myTASB eliminates unnecessary steps and makes it much easier for members to take action immediately, if they want.

Here’s how it works

As a Fund program contact, you will receive a notification that your renewal is ready, and a link will take you to your renewal dashboard in myTASB. There is no new login information needed, so you can view your dashboard quickly using the same sign on as before. The dashboard shows your CCS front and center, which you can accept electronically and receive an immediate confirmation that your coverage has been renewed.

A notice section informs you of upcoming deadlines and provides contact information for your Risk Management Consultant, should you like to discuss your renewal. Supporting documents, such as the CCS for the prior year, a summary of coverage changes, and a copy of the Interlocal Participation Agreement are also featured on the dashboard. A graphic at the top of the screen invites you to find out more about the benefits of Fund membership.

By the numbers

  • 103 October 1, 2016 renewals were sent through the new process
  • 32 percent of these were renewed through myTASB.
  • 11 renewals were accepted through myTASB the same day they were sent to members

Members that tried out the new process included districts with fewer than 150 students enrolled to districts with almost 8,000 students enrolled. Early feedback indicates that the new process saves time and is much easier to manage. New features will be added to myTASB over the coming months, giving members upfront access to important TASB documents and information. Future benefits include access to all the current CCS documents for the member’s coverages with the Fund and information about all the TASB programs in which the member is enrolled.

Contact your marketing consultant if you have questions about the renewal process.

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