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2018 Excellence Award Recipients

May 01, 2018 Melissa Cannon

For more than a decade, this award program has honored members for their success. Recipients receive a plaque and monetary award at Members' Conference each year. 

Congratulations to the 2018 Recipients:

Aquilla ISD
Seven Week Fitness Challenge

Aquilla ISD encourages employees to enjoy their work environment and bring the best of themselves to their jobs by embracing fitness as a lifestyle choice. The district-wide challenge starts at the end of January and ends the Friday before spring break. To help with motivation, the district hosts six fitness challenge meetings where participants hear from healthcare professionals and listen to others share personal testimonies and/or current fitness trends. 

Bonham ISD
Campus Security Systems

Valuable seconds could be lost if a shooter is able to gain access through unsecured main entrances. Bonham ISD implemented a system that consists of a box mounted on the outside of the building with a doorbell, as well as a camera and intercom. Visitors press the bell, which alerts the office staff. Bonham ISD staff and students feel safer knowing their campus doors are secured, and that they would be given notice throughout the campus if more time was needed to take protective measures.

Dime Box ISD
Redesign of Front Entrance for Dime Box School

Due to the old design of the Dime Box school campus and district, people visiting the school were not in a secured area. Instead, anyone entering the building had direct access to student hallways and classrooms. The staff at the old entrance had very few options to reduce contact between campus visitors and students. To ensure safety of students and staff, the front entrance was moved to a more secure area on campus.

Katy ISD
No Texting and Driving Video

As a result of new legislation making texting while driving illegal in Texas as of September 1, 2016, the Katy ISD Risk Management Department saw an opportunity to communicate the importance of this message to make an impact on workers' compensation, auto liability, and self-insured health fund claims. The purpose of this video was to save money and prevent claims; however the social awareness of this issue became the driving force behind sharing it as widely as possible. The video was shared with approximately three million people and the 100 largest school districts across the nation.

Klein ISD
How to Prepare for a Fire Marshal Inspection

Klein ISD is inspected annually by the Harris County Fire Marshal Office for Fire and Life Safety. Klein has 47 campuses and multiple facilities. There are roughly 52,000 and 8,000 employees. With numbers like this, it is difficult to achieve perfect compliance from the inspectors. Klein ISD created an inspection checklist and video in May 2016, which are utilized throughout the school year to give clarity to life safety requirements. The checklist is readily available on the Klein ISD website to show exact guidelines with pictures and directives. Tips include information on fire extinguishers, fire evacuation maps, hanging decorations, excessive paperwork in hallways, blocking exit doors, and cord covers.

Manor ISD
Risk Management Solutions

To reduce the number of claims and encourage employees to return to work in an efficient and effective manner, Manor ISD reviewed its entire workers’ compensation program. Informative resources and processes have been implemented to improve the work-related injury experience, assist the employee with a timely return to work, and support the effort to decrease future injuries.

The workers’ compensation process has been refined to consistently include thorough communication and support from the risk management coordinator to ensure a safe and timely return to work. Online safety trainings are also provided on a monthly basis to all employees. Employees who experience a work-related injury are individually assigned a safety training that is directly related to the cause of the injury.

Round Rock ISD
Bus Fueling Safety/Class C Operator Training Video

Round Rock ISD has multiple locations where underground storage tanks (UST) are utilized. Federal law requires that all owner/operators of USTs have trained individuals on staff, and are required to have Class A/B operators who must complete training every three years. However, all users must be trained as a Class C operator. This video meets the mandatory training requirement put forth by the regulations for all Class C operators.

San Felipe Del Rio CISD
RediMD Telemedicine Program

The RediMD Workers’ Compensation Telemedicine Program was developed in an effort to provide service to the San Felipe Del Rio CISD staff. The community is in need of additional family medicine physicians, so having access to telemedicine available 24/7 has been of great benefit to the staff. RediMD makes it possible for staff to see a licensed medical professional for most of their primary care needs without leaving work or home, and provides quality primary care medical service with live, face-to-face diagnosis and treatment online.

Temple ISD
Wildcat Wellness Program

Temple ISD wanted to create a program that offered more than the occasional annual health screening and flu shot by implementing a wellness program to benefit both staff and their families. The Wildcat Wellness program was developed to promote awareness around keeping "mind, body, and spirit" in a healthy place in both personal and professional lives.

Wylie ISD
Campus Emergency Preparedness

Success and accountability have everything to do with consistency, systems, training, and the habits you and your team create. When you are a rapidly growing district, you can easily fall short of these goals as the infrastructure is often lagging. What Wylie ISD came across in their district was the lack of consistent drill methods, ill-prepared campus emergency documents, and lack of fundamental understanding of accountability measures in true emergency situations. The district wanted to ensure that all administrators and department heads had the tools, resources, and mentorship needed to be successful and to help ensure the safety of their students and faculty.

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