Severe Weather Alert

Severe weather can result in vehicle and property claims, health concerns, school closures, and many other outcomes that could negatively impact your organization. It is important to know your flood risks, be aware of your coverage, and have a plan in place in the event that your organization is impacted by a flood or storm.

Planning resources

FEMA flood maps

InsideRM article - Know Your Flood Risks

InsideRM article - Hurricane Preparedness and Response

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Weather Service

If you are a Fund member interested in listening to a recorded webinar on flood damage, contact TASB Risk Management Risk Solutions. For assistance with emergency management planning, contact TASB Emergency Management and School Security Consultant Melanie Moss.

Responding to storm damage

  1. File a claim at
  2. Call 800.482.7276 for immediate assistance.
  3. Make temporary repairs as needed.

For more information or questions about flood prevention, response, and coverage, contact TASB Claims Manager Robert PiƱa at or TASB Property Claims Adjuster Kim Shelly at

Zoning and coverage

The Fund’s coverage includes a flood endorsement that provides coverage depending on the zone where the covered property is located. Flood maps are available from FEMA to help determine the applicable zones for your covered property. For detailed information about coverage, contact your marketing consultant.