It’s All About the Details – Hazard and Functional Annexes

When: Wednesday, January 31, 10-11 a.m.

Description: Emergencies, large and small, can impact the ability for schools to continue their educational mission. From a utility disruption to a weather or health emergency, to the unthinkable catastrophic event, school operations can be affected. When that happens, not only are our children affected, but also our communities. The ability of a school district to respond to an incident is essential to recovery process. This begins with the development of an emergency operations plan, hazard specific, and functional annexes that outline response and recovery goals.

Functional and hazard specific annexes are supplemental to an emergency operations plan and provide detailed procedures for specific operational responses. This webinar brings perspective and guidance to this all important process that affects us all.

Presenter: Emergency Management and School Security Consultant Melanie Moss, TASB Risk Management Services

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