How to File the DWC 3 Wage Statements for Community Colleges and other Educational Entities

Learn how to tackle one of the most frustrating and confusing state required workers’ compensation forms. The DWC 3 Wage Statement for Employers determines the rate an Employee receives in workers’ compensation benefits, so it’s important to ensure it’s done properly. Learn why and when the form is needed; how to do it correctly and most importantly how to avoid the dreaded adjuster “returned for corrections.” This class is NOT appropriate for Independent School Districts.

Presenter: Laura Romaine, Workers' Compensation Program Consultant, TASB Risk Management Services

Length: 51 minutes

Originally Presented: June 7, 2017

Suggested Audience: Risk managers, superintendent, payroll and benefits specialists, HR personnel, or anyone tasked with the responsibility of filing Workers’ Compensation forms.

To view: Contact Risk Management Member Solutions for the link to view this webinar. Include the title of the webinar in your message.